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Practice Area: Civil Rights

Anderson v. Janovich
United States District Court-Seattle, Washington

Journey v. Janovich
United States District Court-Seattle, Washington

Chase v. Janovich
United States District Court-Seattle Washington

Norm Anderson, owner of the Back Forty Tavern, contacted Haas complaining of harassment by the local Pierce County law enforcement. As it turns out, Anderson had refused to sell the tavern to the Carbone Mob family who wanted the business for its criminal enterprise. After several intimidating visits by the local Sheriff and the fire inspector, the crime family arranged for an arsonist to torch the tavern.

Haas assembled a team of lawyers willing to take on the widespread corruption in Pierce County. By the time the case went to trial in federal court in Seattle, the lawyers represented several tavern owners who had also been victimized as well as a Washington State Liquor Enforcement Officer named Mel Journey and his family.

A contract had been put on Journey's life because he refused to cooperate with the crime organization. Journey was gunned down while backing out of his driveway while his wife and daughter looked on. Shot multiple times, Journey survived the ordeal and testified at the trial.

The trial court consolidated the liability issues from the cases for trial but kept the damages separate. After a two month trial in the liability phase, the jury returned verdicts in favor of all plaintiffs. The trial continued in the damage phase of the Anderson case and the jury returned a verdict of $1.9 Million. Pursuant to its authority under the RICO statute, the trial court increased the amount to $3 Million and was prepared to issue a substantial award for attorney fees and costs had the case not settled. Meanwhile, the trial proceeded in the damage phase of the Journey case. But before the jury could return its verdict, the defendants sought an intra-trial mediation. During a weekend marathon mediation, a global settlement was reached in all cases. The settlements are confidential.

Resolution: Confidential


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